Expansion Pack

Artist Metroid Metal
Released September 7th, 2010
Catalog SU008
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1 Prime Theme (MP)
2 Brinstar (SM) MP3
3 Norfair (NES)
4 Crateria (SM)
5 Tourian/Mother Brain (NES)
6 Prime 3 Theme/Bryyo (MP3)

Metroid Metal

Metroid Metal

Metroid Metal is a collection of high-energy arrangements from the Metroid video game series. Originally, the brainchild of Grant Henry (aka Stemage) in 2003, MM has garnered attention from gaming as well as mainstream music press.


Expansion Pack is an add-on for the original Varia Suite album, put out in September of 2009. It is a smaller collection of MM re-recorded with members of the live group.