Feersum Ennjin EP

Artist Feersum Ennjin
Released February 15th, 2005
Catalog SU002
1 Lines
2 Solid Gold
3 U-Boats
4 Dragon
5 Thin Air

Feersum Ennjin

Feersum Ennjin

Paul D'Amour may be best known for his time spent in hard rock outfit Tool but his debut EP under the moniker Feersum Ennjin should prove that he's got a whole bag of tricks worth making note of.


All songs written and produced by Paul D'Amour

Recorded by Matt Mahaffey and Paul D'Amour

Mixed by Wally Gagel

Paul D'Amour: vocals, guitar, bass, synth, sample keys, effects

Additional Musicians:
Matt Mahaffey: drums (1,2,3,4), electronic percussion (1), sample keys (1,2,3), sub synth (1,4), guitar (1,3), harmony vox (1,2,3), ears (1,2,3,4,5)

Matt Devine: harmonic guitar (2)

Korel Tunador: solo guitar (3)