Zero Over Zero

Artist Stemage
Released August 16th, 2011
Catalog SU010
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1 Three Minutes
2 Scary Isn't It?
3 In Your Wagon
4 D.E.A.Db
5 Morphine
6 Thrifty
7 I'll Try Not To... Come Back
8 Illogical Hell
9 Sunrise
10 Shut Up and Listen
11 The Gates
12 Fat Man in the Pool
13 Gutmuncher
14 Earpeace
15 Zero Over Zero
16 Sinew
17 Flyboy
18 For God's Sake
19 Walk the Earth - Part 1
20 Walk the Earth - Part 2



A collection of catchy, high-energy space rock mixed with metal, pop, and prog tendencies beamed directly from the addled mind of Grant Henry.


Most "guitar albums" are lead albums. This is a rhythm guitar album. It's a wild rotation of rock genres that have provided inspiration over the years, and it's a love letter to George Romero and Tom Savini in the end - inspired by Dawn of the Dead from 1978.