The Capulets

About the Artist

The Capulets were a garage rock band from Greenville, NC formed by Stu McLamb (Guitar/Vocals), Josh Pope (Guitar/Vocals), Tom Simpson (Drums) and Alex Clarke (Bass).

In 2004, they moved to the Triangle area and took the place by storm, quickly garnering fans and attention from local press. They were of the rare breed of band whose live energy and reckless abandon translated over into their records. The band's sound has been compared to The Strokes and '90s era Spoon.

Silent Uproar Records approached the band in 2006 about releasing some demos as a debut full-length. Shortly after signing a deal with the label, the band kicked out Stu McLamb. Now the stuff of legend, McLamb had broken into the band's practice space to teach a girl to play drums and ended up damaging his wrist and trashing some of the band's gear. Needless to say, that was the breaking point for the band itself. Josh, Tom and Alex quickly formed another band, Cocoon, but it didn't last. In late 2006, Stu started The Love Language and eventually tapped Josh and Tom to join him.

Most will say The Capulets were taken too soon. Silent Uproar Records agrees, as three years after the band's break-up they've finally decided to release those demos, slightly remastered, as Classics. Silent Uproar resolved to shelve the album and move on, but The Capulets' music haunted the label for the past three years. Call it closure or exorcising some demons, but these songs must be heard.

Classics was mastered by Grant Henry to add some continuity to the recordings. Many of the original files were MP3s (some of questionable quality). Silent Uproar Records hopes this stands as a testament to the brief, wonderful life of The Capulets.






Stu McLamb (Guitar/Vocals)
Josh Pope (Guitar/Vocals)
Tom Simpson (Drums)
Alex Clarke (Bass)