About the Artist

bellaparker is an indie rock band from Austin, Texas formed during the first months of 2003. With emotional singing, hook-oriented guitars, and a driving rhythm section, bellaparker is a melodic blend of new wave, brit pop, and indie rock. The members are Chad Geraci, vocals and guitar and Abby DeBois on drums.

bellaparker's roots can be traced back to a chance meeting between Geraci and DeBois. After responding to a "musicians wanted" ad in a local newspaper, they spent the next year with other band members hashing out disorderly songs and throwing mic stands in a cramped rehearsal space. This left them artistically unfulfilled and wondering which direction they should go. With a deep appreciation for one another's creativity and sharing the same vision, they decided to start their own band.

Their debut EP The Things We Say was self-released in 2003 and supported by a string of live shows in 2004. The positive response received by critics and promise showed by the band allowed it to land a record contract with Raleigh-based independent record label Silent Uproar. They currently are writing new songs for an upcoming LP due out in early 2006.



Chad Geraci - vocals / guitar
Abby DeBois - drums