Feersum Ennjin

About the Artist

In the great sprawling expanse known as Los Angeles, there exists a group of musicians who have been creating some of the most innovative and groundbreaking musicof the past ten years. The genealogical tree that incestuously links the likes of Tool, Medicine, Lusk, Failure, Blinker The Star, Autolux, Self, and countless others can be directly traced to Paul D'Amour, the mastermind behind Feersum Ennjin.

The history that spurred the creation of this debut melodic EP begins with the release and worldwide success of prog heavyweight Tool's full-length Undertow. As founding member, bassist, and consummate songwriter, Paul D'Amour helped Tool become a household name with songs like "Sober," "Prison Sex," and "Stinkfist." Paul's distinctive playing and song writing left its imprint on some of the 90's most memorable and influential music and has inspired a whole generation of imitators.

After years of touring and recording with the band, Paul left the confines of Tool to broaden his musical horizons. This lead to a number of new, colorful projects, including the Replicants, a glorified cover project featuring Ken Andrews (Failure), Greg Edwards (Failure/Autolux), and Chris Pitman (Guns N' Roses) as well as the critically acclaimed Lusk, with Pitman, Edwards, and Brad Laner (Medicine/Electric Company).

Lusk's Grammy-nominated release, Free Mars, was a departure from the harder edge of Tool and found its niche with an often psychedelic pop sound. Lusk startled Tool fans and awoke critics, who lauded the album's lyrical style and diverse musical explorations as the year's most unexpected treat. Free Mars went on to win the "12 Angry Viewers" video award for "Backworlds" (Paul co-directed the video with close friend Len Burge), which led to heavy rotation on MTV and substantial radio airplay.

Returning to his homeland in the Pacific North West, Paul set up his own recording studio and worked with numerous N.W. bands. He also spent part of this time playing live and recording with the dark and dreamy Queen Maud Land. With his Seattle expedition complete, Paul is now back in Los Angeles to continue the ongoing metamorphosis of his musical endeavors. Feersum Ennjin is an amalgam of lessons learned between being part of a groundbreaking progressive rock band and an intensely experimental and expansive musical period. Written, performed, and produced by D'Amour in his Topanga Canyon studio and at Matt Mahaffey of Self's recording studio (featuring Matt on drums), Feersum Ennjin begins a powerful new era for the master artificer.

The dark sensibilities of Feersum Ennjin's five songs combine a hard rock exterior with a melodic core, fused together by lyrical sophistication and an electronic undercurrent. The power and aggression within are reminiscent of Tool, but are enhanced by the ever-expanding view from D'Amour's musical chair. Lush harmonies, dynamic changes, and epic intentions allow for a wide range of styles and instrumentation harkening the dark melody of Bauhaus/Interpol with the arc of Pink Floyd and the driving force of Queens of the Stone Age.

By bringing together the ideals and lessons learned from being in a world renowned rock band, forging new paths in experimental pop, and working independently to fine-tune his craft, Paul D'Amour has created a sound that understands the delicate balance between hard rock, experimental tendencies, and appealing melody. Feersum Ennjin proves that bridging the gap between these ideals is not only possible, but leaves you wanting more.

Tool fans won't be disappointed, and new fans will be anointed.



Paul D'Amour - vocals, guitar, bass, synth, sample keys, effects