About the Artist

Like a predator to its prey, Far-Less are poised on the edge of the music world and ready to obliterate any and all preconceived notions of what they should be. Infusing elements of rock and metal with memorable, pop melodies has proven time and again to be the right approach for this Virginia fivesome. As bassist Joseph Powers states, "I've never heard a band like us." It's that unique approach that has produced Broken Hearts Unite, an undefinable 10-song outpour of unadulterated hope and love.

Forming from the vestiges of previous musical endeavors, Far-Less solidified the majority of their current lineup in 2001 and released the Emerge EP. Shortly thereafter, the addition of vocalist and avid fan, Brandon Welch, would give the band a much-needed dose of adrenaline. The more focused Apossibility EP showed further growth and caught the attention of crowds all across Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. With confidence in their songwriting and each other, the band settled in to put together songs for their first full-length album, recording the material with producer/musician Jamie King (Swift) at The Basement studios in Winston-Salem, NC in the spring of 2003.

Broken Hearts Unite is a dazzling debut from a band that needs to be heard. Never has an album reflected the sum of a band's distinctive parts more, with respective musical tastes ranging from Huey Lewis to Shadows Fall. "We bring all of our influences and throw them into a mixing pot," explained drummer, Ray Felts. Yet, the album isn't merely just a reflection of the band's musical tastes, but their own personal lives. As frontman, Brandon Welch, stated: "It's us trying to ignore all the crap that goes on around us and focus on what's real: God, love, and hope - basically, dismissing the past and looking to the future." Through their dedication to create an original, personal statement, Far-Less has crafted an album that will resonate with any listener.

The future is wide open for Far-Less. The band is preparing to take the country by storm and show audiences that their live show rivals their songwriting. To preserve the essence of their album and to bring more options to the table, they've enlisted the help of guitarist Mark Karsten, who is sure to contribute to both the band's development and their already unruly live show. Though, despite the momentum Far-Less is currently riding, don't expect them to embrace the mainstream. While their sound appeals to that audience, they refuse to be apart of the "flavor of the month" scene. As the band clearly stated: "The music industry is going to go to hell, and Far-Less isn't going to be any where near that."



Brandon Welch - Vocals
Ray Felts - Drums
Joseph Powers - Bass
Mark Karsten - Guitar
Jordan Powers - Guitar, Vocals