Active Artists

Metroid Metal

Metroid Metal is a collection of high-energy arrangements from the Metroid video game series. Originally, the brainchild of Grant Henry (aka Stemage) in 2003, MM has garnered attention from gaming as well as mainstream music press.

Sinners & Saints

Sinners & Saints is a Charlotte, North Carolina based folk band. The duo floats between upbeat roots music and Americana-tinged ballads.


A collection of catchy, high-energy space rock mixed with metal, pop, and prog tendencies beamed directly from the addled mind of Grant Henry.

Inactive Artists


After self-releasing their debut EP The Things We Say, Bella Parker gained a following in their local dwellings of Austin, TX. We're re-releasing it with a few extra tracks.

The Capulets

Even though defunct since 2006, in their time, The Capulets churned out some infectious garage rock that earned plenty of regional acclaim and comparisons to the The Strokes and Spoon.


Born out of a deep appreciation for literate pop/rock music in the tradition of Harry Nilsson, XTC, Jellyfish and their ilk Codaphonic conjures up smart, poignant pop-rock songs intertwined in a variety of styles.


Like a predator to its prey, Far-Less are poised on the edge of the music world and ready to obliterate any and all preconceived notions of what they should be.

Feersum Ennjin

Paul D'Amour may be best known for his time spent in hard rock outfit Tool but his debut EP under the moniker Feersum Ennjin should prove that he's got a whole bag of tricks worth making note of.

Nemo 1934

Nemo 1934 was a rock band from North Carolina, with influences ranging from Acid Bath to Doc Watson. They released Vol. 1 in 2001.

Push Pals

Push Pals is the rock 'n' roll side project from Charlotte, North Carolina graphic designer Benjamin Gelnett. The music mashes up a healthy dose of lo-fi beach party, indie rock and its own special blend of "crunk punk."


Born out of a shared love of music and experimentation, PWRS pays tribute to propulsive, pocket rhythms, haunting, atmospheric melodies and the immeasurable effects of musical obsession.